The book trailer for Infinitude is now out!


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It has been done by India Book Trailers. You can contact them here –  or 

Hope you like it! Thank you!

A writer, a book and a blog


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I’m Ruchi Banerjee, an author who (as you would already know by the massive header above!) loves to write science fiction, fantasy and romance.

What is Young Adult and more importantly…am I one? (Oh please, say yes!)

If you’re one of those people who wander around in the children’s book section (you are not alone…I am one such creepy lurker) and feel a bit guilty about not reading enough ‘serious’ novels. If you’re someone who is repeatedly drawn into the world of Pottermore, those beautiful Sarah Dessen coming-of-age stories, or the fascinating slew of dystopian novels on the market (think Hunger Games, Shattered, Battle Royale), you my glorious friend, are…a young adult.

Technically, young adult books are targeted at the age group of 13 to 21 but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants. So trod on, unafraid and unashamed!

What books have you written and what’s next?

My first science fiction/ dystopian novel – INFINITUDE – has been published by Hachette India and a sequel is on the way.

What is this blog about? And why am I asking all these questions?

This blog is just meant to connect with you, my dear readers. I love…love to get any kind of response on my writing (yes, even the critical ones!) and I would be delighted to hear what you felt, thought or experienced while you read any of my books. So please don’t hesitate…talk to me on Facebook, tweet, comment on this blog or just send me an email…I’m eagerly waiting to hear from you! No really, I am!

That’s it for now! Stay happy, healthy and strong.